Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Little Garden

This is the little garden along our corridor. They are all managed by my mother who is quite a gardening enthusiast. I know nothing much about gardening and can't recognize most of her plants actually. Here are some of the plants we have. Sorry if I don't know the names of some of the plants. :P

Long beans:


Lady's Finger (no lady's fingers yet):

Pandan leaves:

Sweet potato leaf:


A type of herb. I check with my mother. It's called 红田乌 in Chinese (Hong Tian Wu). It's good for diabetes and high blood pressure. Just boil it with water and drink.

A type of herb called 马尾草, also good for diabetes and high blood pressure.

Pomegranate (石榴):

Aloe vera:


Other flowers:


  1. What a lovely garden you mother had? For your information, the vegetable in the 7th photo(under the pandan leaf photo) is the sweet potato leaf. In the 11th photo, I think it is a pomegranate (or grenadine) tree. I hope that I am right!


  2. wow your mom certainly has green fingers!! im amazed at the stuffs she's able to plant (plus thrive & grow so well!). for me, everything dies in my hands and i cant stand having to "tend" to anything daily :p

  3. Wow, sweetie! You definitely have a green thumb!

  4. wow, that's really impressive! I think the red fruit is pomegranate! How lucky of you to have that in the corridor! And the purple herb should be thai basil. Great in stirfry :)Your mum really have green thumbs.

  5. Thanks to all of u for helping me to recognize some of the plants. I have updated some of their names after asking my mother.

    I think she can plant even more if not for the space limited and the weather conditions in Singapore. :)

  6. sweet potato leafs are yummy!
    my helper used to fry them with belachan when we grew them in our garden last time (:
    your mother's good at planting ;)
    i thought of planting roselle, but i have yet to find the seeds.

  7. Hi sweet tooth! Yes, I like sweet potato leaves too! Hey, didn't know that u also have an interest in gardening too. :p Hope u can also grow a little garden on your own. :)

  8. Wow, impressive garden. So now you hv no lack of ingredients for cooking lor :-)

  9. Hi sherlyn, yes, my mum will pluck some of the vegetables she plants to cook. Too bad I can't cook. :P

  10. wow~ this reminds me of my trip to malaysia, everyone planted their own vegetables, and we made hakka thunder tea with herbs right from our neighbour's garden!

  11. Hello :) I stumbled upon your blog whilst researching for 红田乌. Your mother really has green fingers!

    Would you be able to ask her where she got her 红田乌 seeds from? My relative has high blood pressure and he is reliant on the drink to keep his blood pressure under control. However, these few weeks he has not been able to find 红田乌 in the pasar. So if you had a source for 红田乌 seeds, would u be able to share it here? So he can grow it on his own with less reliance on the wet market.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Amanda, I ask my mum about your questions. She said you can grow 红田乌 using those you bought from market. Just put the plants into the soil and it will continue to grow. Once it grows bigger and older, it will start producing flowers and then you will get the seeds. Hope it helps. Let me know if you are successful.